Pearl Beach Resort

diving the secret gilis

diving the secret gilis


Dive into the diverse underwater world around the bay of Sekotong offering marvellous corals, relaxed diving and plentiful marine life! As the sea is fairly shallow, visibility is never crystal clear but this doesn’t affect the calibre of the dive sites as the reefs are full of bright soft corals and colourful stone – and sea fan corals, which harbour an amazing variety of rare marine life, including ghost pipe fish, leaf fish, pygmy seahorses and much more.

 The dive sites reflect a good cross-section of what the unique Indonesian diving areas have to offer.

Dive in and be fascinated by turtles, cuttlefish, moray eels and many other varieties of marine life.
Around the Secret Gilis the dive sites offer even the widely-travelled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience, as well as fun diving for families and beginners. A unique underwater experience and a fascinating multitude of species await you. A highlight for photographers and all scuba enthusiasts…

And for those who are looking for an unforgetable adrenaline dive we are offering day trips to the famous Belongas Bay with its hammerhead sharks dive spot “the Magnet”.

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