Pearl Beach Resort


Testing full width of picture

The above picture has size 978 x 548 pixels, the original was 1600 x 898 pixels

When uploading to media, picture could be resized to a desire size.

Maximum width should be 978 pixels. That numbers is equal to the maximum width of the block which is reserved.

We suggest to upload a picture with minimum size 1024 x 768 pixels if  the width of picture will be decreased to 978 pixels,  so that the picture will still have good sharpness when shrink. If  the picture have size of width less then 978 pixels (70% less) it will have no good sharpness when enlarged to 978 pixels, so leave the size as is, just set the picture floating, left or right, or make it centered. How if the picture have 960 pixels of width? that is no big deal, you can enlarging to 978 pixels if you want 😉

Before you save it into media library, click “Edit” button and then choose a function “Scale image”. With this function no matter you change the width or the height of the picture, it will automatically give the right proportion of picture size.

Click the button “Save all changes” then you will get a picture with a new scale and the right proportion.

Done 🙂