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articles & comments

a visit to Gili Asahan and Pearl Beach Resort – by GiI and Helen

We puttered off by boat to view the sunset on the heavenly island of Gili Asahan, the last of the islands nestled into the Southwest peninsula of Lombok before the legendary surfers’ mecca of Bangko Bangko (Desert Point).

 We had travelled as far as Bangko Bangko numerous times by road over the last six or seven years.

It is a very scenic route from Lembar (Lombok’s port) over hills, through picturesque local villages, passing horse drawn cidomos laden with produce for the local markets, through rice paddies, saltworks, clay brickworks and prawn farms.

Labuan Poh a few kilometres before Bangko Bangko is the setting off point to Gili Asahan which is just across the calm water of the bay of Sekotong. 

The island has a small village, a few fishing boats, an old but still functioning pearl farm, the ruins of a European folly, consisting of stone stairways leading to a peak overlooking the sea to the west, and now the beautifully appointed luxurious bungalows on the beach facing the sunrise of Pearl Beach Resort.

We circumnavigated the island while the sun set to the west over the craggy peaks of the peninsula. Stopping for the crescendo of colour on a perfect sandy beach while the beautiful shades of red and indigo were replaced by the shadows of the night. Bird life included the brilliant azure blue kingfisher, white cattle egrets and statuesque blue herons.

 Then it was back to Pearl Beach Resort, drinks and a delicious dinner of beef rendang prepared by the local chef. Another idyllic day on our ‘island of dreams’.

-Gil & Helen-